Race Report CIV Supersport Round 2 Misano

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Jack Mahaffy Racing (#37. Supersport 600): ′′ It wasn’t an easy weekend for me at all. It’s been over a year since I rode a race bike on a big track and getting back here on a new motorcycle and with different tires was harder than expected. I used the rehearsal sessions to get back to pace. After qualifying I had a great feeling with the bike, but having to start from the bottom of the deployment I faced Race 1 with the aim of getting to the finish line and learning. At the start I had a great inspiration, which allowed me to recover eight positions in three corners, but then I lost the front and couldn’t avoid falling. Unfortunately, I paid a small mistake at great price: when I was down, a motorcycle hit my right leg and that caused some fractures in my foot. Now I’m going to try to recover my best. I want to thank 98 Experience for the great work done and team Terra and Moto for making me feel like family. I’ll come back stronger than before!”

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