Race Report CIV Supersport Round 3 Imola

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Hey Everyone!! We have completed the third round of the CIV championship at Imola, I can say it was a weekend full of emotions! After my crash at round two at Misano which left me with a six place fracture in my left foot and a re-occurring dislocation of my left shoulder and a few micro fractures on the top of my humerus,  I’ve been working everyday since with the physiotherapist and my coach to get back walking and get on the bike. The bone is still forming and still quite soft and giving me a few problems with swelling and pain but I was determined to be on the bike for this weekend and with the help of some great people we made that happen.
Unfortunately we missed the two day test that was held at the Imola two weeks ago and we may have been on the back foot physically but I was happy just to even be on the bike! The one practice session we got I used to find how I could position for my foot with the least amount of pain as I wanted to be able to focus on my riding this weekend because I knew that’s were the biggest difference was going to come from. Qualifying one I managed provisional sixteenth position and best of all I was improving my lap times every session.
Saturday I woke up with a swollen foot with not much mobility,  I was a bit worried about the swelling because that was affecting how I could move on the bike but we found some solutions with horse gels, massages, ice buckets and some injections to help with pain. I managed to improve my lap time in qualifying two but would be starting from nineteenth on the grid, in any case I was satisfied because with the swelling and I could not ride the bike like I wanted.
I was super nervous by the time race one was go, my plan was to finish the race, to keep learning and arrive in the points. I’ll be honest it was the longest 15 laps I’d ever done, with eight laps to go I was struggling but when I looked at my team cheering me on at the pit wall it gave me more motivation to push through and keep going. The weight that came off my shoulders when I saw the checkered flag was amazing, as a competitive person and rider I don’t find satisfaction finishing in twelfth position but after all that I’d been through in the last month it was really a nice feeling and I was proud.
SUNDAY Once again I woke up with pulsing and swelling in my foot so I was straight off to the medical clinic at the track and back out for the fifthteen  minute warm up, I improved my lap time again on used tires so I felt confident for race two.
My objective for race two was to attack more and see if I could stay with the group ahead. I made a good start and picked off three riders in turns one and two and managed to follow the group for a few laps. I found myself chasing down the rider ahead for the rest of the race, I eventually crossed the line in twelfth and was happy to keep consistent laps throughout the race and being able to manage the tires and my foot.
It was a tough weekend but with a few cups of concrete and with the great work the team did to help me throughout the weekend it made the challenges quite enjoyable. I want to thank everyone that sent their support over the last month. Now I have a few weeks of recovery and training to come back in form and make some strong results👍🏻👋👌🔥
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